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A Guide To Outdoor Kitchens in San Antonio

Like to cook? Thinking about how much fun it would be to cook in your backyard—what with Texan summers, a stunningly crafted patio, and your very own outdoor kitchen to boot? Outdoor kitchens in San Antonio are an amazing way to enhance your lifestyle while increasing your home’s value. And they make great gathering spaces (and talking points!) when entertaining guests. 

Regrettably, they’re also one of the most obscure of all outdoor home improvement projects. While many people have plenty of questions about outdoor kitchens in San Antonio—we’ve found few good resources to point them to. That’s why we wrote this post—to get all your questions answered. Follow along as we answer the most common questions we get about San Antonio outdoor kitchen installations, and find out if it’s the right backyard project for you. 

What is a San Antonio Outdoor Kitchen?

San Antonio outdoor kitchens are exactly what they sound like: outdoor kitchens constructed out of concrete or brick, often installed on or adjacent to your outdoor patio. Outdoor kitchens typically include an island that includes space for a variety of kitchen appliances. This could include a gas grills, a fridge, and a sink—which access doors to storage underneath.

Is An Outdoor Kitchen Really Outside?

Yes. Outdoor kitchens are constructed outside your home (often with no overhead) and are either attached to or separate from your home’s exterior. 

What Goes in An Outdoor Kitchen?

The first step to building an outdoor kitchen in San Antonio is actually to decide on what equipment you want to install inside one. There a dozens of kitchen appliances that can go inside an outdoor kitchen—starting with must haves for an outdoor kitchen: like gas grills, refrigerators, and sinks—and ending with more esoteric options like pizza ovens, vent hoods, or even built-in kegs. Popular accessory options include trash bins, side burners, and power burners, as well. 

You can work with a San Antonio backyard home services provider—like Serview—to help plan your outdoor kitchen and to configure it so you have all the appliances you want. We can even provide a 3D sketch of your design so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

Where to Place An Outdoor Kitchen in San Antonio?

You can place your outdoor kitchen anywhere in your backyard—as long as it has sturdy concrete foundation and has enough space for you to install the appliances you want. Keep in mind there may be some restrictions depending on your space—depending on where you choose to install your appliances. Gas grills, for example, need to be far enough away from walls to ensure proper lid clearance (typically around inches deep or more). 

How Much Does an Outdoor Kitchen in San Antonio Cost?

The total cost of an outdoor kitchen will generally vary depending on the costs of the materials used, the appliances you choose, its size, and cost of labor required to install it. For this reason, outdoor kitchens are incredibly custom—and there really isn’t an ‘average price.’

At Serview, we provide free project estimates for all our home improvement projects—especially our San Antonio outdoor kitchen installations. Following our initial in-home consultation, you can expect an accurate estimate within about an hour. 

Can I Build A ‘Do It Yourself’ Outdoor Kitchen in San Antonio?

Not if you want the best. 

While the internet is filled with shoddily-made outdoor kitchen kits and you can find plenty of outdoor kitchen ideas online, it’s not recommended you try to build an outdoor kitchen yourself. Outdoor kitchens require a great degree of measuring, cutting, and working with tough materials like concrete, brick, and marble. You’ll need to ensure your island is flat, level, and flush with the ground, as well as ensure your utilities (water, gas, and electric) can reach your appliances. Finally, outdoor kitchen appliances need to be precision-installed to ensure a seamless look. 

For these reasons and more, we recommend that premium outdoor kitchens in San Antonio be both planned and installed by professional outdoor kitchen installers. 

Who’s The Best Outdoor Kitchen Installer in San Antonio?

Serview Home Pros—that’s who!

At Serview, we know a thing or two about installing quality outdoor kitchens in San Antonio, and have helped countless homeowners install theirs’ to the exact specs. Our top quality outdoor kitchen installations (and friendly, expert staff) are second-to-none in the San Antonio area, and are guaranteed to execute your backyard project flawlessly. Whether you’re looking for an elegant outdoor kitchen or more of a ‘bar and grill hangout’ we can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen that meets all your needs and preferences.

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