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Project “Ross”: A Dramatic Outdoor Patio Transformation by Serview Home Pros

backyard before construction

At Serview Home Pros, we believe that outdoor spaces hold the potential to become captivating extensions of our homes. Our recent patio project stands as a testament to this belief, where we seamlessly blended functionality and aesthetics to create an outdoor haven that's nothing short of breathtaking. From a spacious concrete patio to an exquisite decorative brick knee wall, our team meticulously constructed each element to perfection. Join us as we walk you through the journey of this remarkable project, where we turned our client’s dreams for their outdoor patio into a stunning reality.

The Vision Takes Shape:

Our project began with a comprehensive array of services that promised to bring our customer's dream to life. An expansive concrete patio formed the base, accompanied by a decorative insulated aluminum patio cover, an outdoor kitchen, a decorative brick knee wall, and a fire pit, all interconnected by intricate lighting and electrical work. 

Laying the Groundwork:

visualization of the finished project

Before the first stone was laid, our team examined the existing space and conceptualized the project. We provided our customers with a chance to visualize their dream by offering detailed renderings – a service that reflects our dedication to realizing their visions, although it's not always free. 

Navigating the Details:

Next, we assisted our clients through the often-dreaded HOA Improvement application process, ensuring that the project aligned with the neighborhood guidelines. Once the design received the green light, we set the wheels in motion for the project's realization.

Building The Foundation:

reinforced rebar

With meticulous precision, we embarked on the task of forming the concrete patio. This crucial step showcased our commitment to quality, as we engineered the patio to withstand the test of time, incorporating proper strength and reinforced rebar. From there, we poured the concrete into the base, and, once it had time to cure, began work on the outdoor kitchen.

pouring the concrete base

From Concept to Creation: The Outdoor Kitchen:

building the outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen was undoubtedly the heart of the project. We approached this element with painstaking attention to detail, ensuring everything was lined out and set properly. Once the frame was constructed and the masonry was finished, we installed the stainless-steel appliances, including a grill, sink, and refrigerator, transforming the outdoor space into a culinary paradise that beckoned for joyful gatherings. The kitchen's design complemented the surrounding aesthetics, offering a seamless blend of form and function.

outdoor kitchen with appliances

Taking Cover in Style:

santa fe style patio cover

To provide year-round enjoyment, we constructed a decorative Santa Fe-style insulated aluminum patio cover that extended over the outdoor kitchen. This cover not only added a touch of sophistication but also acted as a guardian against the elements, enabling outdoor enjoyment regardless of weather conditions.

Crafting Ambiance: The Decorative Brick Knee Wall and Fire Pit:

building the brick wall and firepit

The transformation continued with the construction of a decorative brick knee wall encircling the patio. This addition imparted a sense of privacy while enhancing the overall charm. Adjacent to the wall, the fire pit emerged as the focal point, making for a wonderful spot to unwind and take in the beautiful outdoor surroundings.

completed brick wall and firepit

The Play of Light: Illumination and Electrical Mastery:

completed outdoor kitchen with LED lighting

Our commitment to perfection extended to the realm of lighting and electrical work. The artistic arrangement of lighting fixtures illuminated the space with a soft radiance, transforming the patio into a magical retreat after dusk. We also installed low voltage energy-efficient LED accent lighting, meticulously placed at the request of the client, to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The Culmination of Dreams:

hello paradise

As the project came to fruition, the result exceeded even our expectations. The blend of artistry and craftsmanship was evident in every detail, and the delighted smiles on our customers' faces echoed our sentiment as they reveled in their amazing new outdoor paradise.

Testimonial of Satisfaction:

Our client was so overjoyed by the finished product that they left us an incredible review: 

We hired Serview Home Pros (SHP), to build us an outdoor kitchen with a patio cover for our small backyard. We knew we had the right company when we actually called on a Sunday and received a call back on that same day from John to see how he could help. We were then scheduled to meet with Douglas for our free estimate. Douglas was timely and professional and spent as much time as we needed answering all our questions to help us get the best idea of how our project would look. Douglas continued his attentiveness by answering our calls or texts beyond our initial meeting to address any concerns or questions we had. He even stated that it is customary for additional questions to come up after the initial meeting and he was right and asked us not to hesitate to reach out to him with any additional questions we may have. We even received a call from Peggy in the office to thank us for giving SHP the opportunity and to welcome us to Texas as we had recently relocated to the area. Once it was decided that we would move forward with SHP and we completed all our paperwork and everything was approved we received a personal letter from Gary the President of SHP to welcome us and assure us that he was excited to earn our business and would be available for anything that we needed at any time throughout the process. We continued our work with John to make sure that we got all of the due diligence completed so that we can start the project. Upon starting the project....we had an appointment with the project manager, (RJ), Gary, John, and members of the crew to get a complete layout and make absolutely sure that everyone was on the same page. That attention to detail and level of involvement spoke volumes to us and showed us that they care and that we made the right choice in choosing Serview Home Pros. The project started and Gary, RJ, and John stayed in touch with us throughout. Gary actually was hands-on with constant visits to ensure how the project was going so that we would never feel that management had just thrown us to the crews. It was impressive and we never felt uninformed about the status of the project or what was to come. Our project is now complete and is gorgeous. Gary has even stayed in touch with us after the completion of the project to make sure that everything is going well and to see if we needed anything. When making a choice to do your outdoor oasis...please give our friends at Serview Home Pros a call. Anything worth having is worth the time and money it takes to do it right. We had lots of choices of contractors but we are glad we chose Serview Home Pros as it was well worth the money and has turned out to be a true and quality investment in our home.


At Serview Home Pros, we pride ourselves on breathing life into outdoor dreams. This project stands as a shining example of our dedication to turning visions into reality, piece by meticulously crafted piece. From the grandeur of the concrete patio to the warmth of the fire pit, every element was an embodiment of our client's aspirations. 

If you're looking to enhance your outdoor space in San Antonio, Texas, look no further. With our expertise and commitment to customer service, your dream oasis is just a phone call away. 

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