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The Benefits of Vinyl House Siding in San Antonio

Want to improve your home appearance, insulation, and weather resistance?

Vinyl home siding is not only a great way to improve the appearance of your home but an easy way to protect it from the many kinds of weather that mother nature might throw at it. Compared to alternative siding methods like aluminum siding, fiber cement siding, and wood siding—it’s also remarkably affordable and easy to install, which can lower its upfront cost even more.

Vinyl siding looks great and costs less, yet many San Antonio homeowners aren’t familiar with the option. In this short post, follow along as we cover its many benefits so that you know whether a vinyl siding replacement is the right choice for you. 

The Top Benefits of Vinyl Siding in San Antonio TX

Vinyl Siding is Affordable

Very few siding materials are more cost-effective than vinyl siding. On a materials-only basis, vinyl siding can cost as much as two to four times less than fiber-cement siding and fiber-cement siding and is generally more affordable to install than wood siding and metal siding. 

Vinyl Siding is Easy to Install

Another reason why vinyl siding is so affordable is because it’s easier to install than nearly all other types of siding materials. Whereas metal siding requires an additional layer of sheathing to provide an even appearance, and fiber cement is heavy, making the job physically challenging, vinyl siding is lightweight and easy to fit in the studs. 

Since it’s less difficult to install, it also means your siding installation will be shorter, which can drive down the cost of installation even more.

Keep in mind: While you might be tempted to install your siding yourself, a shoddy job can create more problems in the long term. If you nail your siding too tightly, it can expand, crack, bulge, or warp. If it’s not tight enough, it can lead to water intrusion. Both issues can call for costly repairs in the future, which is why if you opt for vinyl siding, it’s always best to work with a few San Antonio siding contractors who can install your siding for you. 

Vinyl Siding is Low Maintenance

One of the best benefits of vinyl siding, by far, is that it’s incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike other materials which require regular inspection, cleaning, and upkeep, vinyl siding simply needs to be washed with soapy water once per year to keep clean. Many people just use dish soap as the cleaner, but you can purchase a special vinyl cleaner as well. 

Vinyl Siding Doesn’t Need Painting

If you hate exterior house painting, vinyl siding is most definitely for you. Here’s why: Unlike nearly every other kind of siding material (which is coated with a colored layer) vinyl exterior siding is unique in that its color is baked-in. With vinyl siding, you’ll never need to paint your siding, as the color can’t be scratched off or stripped. 

Vinyl Siding Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Did you know that vinyl siding can make your home more energy-efficient? That’s right. With insulated vinyl siding, you can install an extra layer of insulation between your siding and your home, which can prevent heat and cool air from escaping your home. This can make your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, lowering your energy bill in the process. 

Vinyl Siding is Durable

Another major benefit of vinyl siding is its exceptional durability. Not only can vinyl home siding withstand all kinds of heavy weather (including hail and heavy winds), but it can also last as long as 20 to 60 years with proper maintenance. It’s also resistant to mold, won’t corrode, rust or warp, and is semi-resistant to rot. 

Furthermore, because vinyl siding is made using PVC, water won’t seep in after it rains, or after you clean it. 

Vinyl Siding Can Withstand Hot Weather

While vinyl siding can expand when the temperatures rise, the heat of San Antonio’s summers usually doesn’t pose a problem. As long as the installation was done properly, you can expect your vinyl siding to never buckle, warp, or blow off, regardless of how hot the outside temperatures get. 

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Our premium vinyl siding is built tough and made to last, and comes with all of the aforementioned benefits. Furthermore, our professional siding installers have received proper training and certification in San Antonio siding replacement, and have years of experience providing premium vinyl siding services in the area. We also provide manufacturer warranties on all our siding products, as well as a 3-year labor warranty. 

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