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What Does A Serview Home Pros Project Look Like?

Here at Serview Home Pros, we’re proud to be San Antonio’s backyard home improvement professionals. One of the most common questions we receive is “What does your process look like?” Different projects require different work to be performed. This blog post will take you through the installation process of a screen patio enclosure and an outdoor kitchen so you can get an idea of what working with Serview Home Pros is like. Continue reading to see how backyard home improvement plays out when working with Serview Home Pros.

Our Process

For this project, the customer requested a patio screen enclosure with decorative stamped and stained concrete, as well as an outdoor kitchen to go along with it. Read along for a step by step on how this project was completed. 

First, the team at Serview Home Pros had to set concrete forms, or areas to hold new concrete. Due to the location of the A/C condensing units, we had to move them. We have plenty of experience in moving appliances and other objects to get the job done, so this was no problem.

Set Concrete Forms and moved the A/C condensing units.

We build our patio slab forms using upgraded rebar that’s made to our own strict specifications. In order to make the strongest patio possible, we use base and plastic paired with internal beams. At Serview Home Pros, we always go above and beyond on the specifics of our concrete patios.

Build patio slab forms with upgraded rebar built to Serview Home Pros specifications, we use base and plastic with internal beams for strength – we go above and beyond on our concrete patio specifications.

This homeowner requested decorative concrete for their patio - both stamped and stained. When the concrete is poured, we stamp the requested pattern into it as it dries. This guarantees long-lasting stamped concrete that looks great and stands the test of time. This particular stamp design is known as the “Asher Slate” design.

Stamped Concrete – this homeowner chose to go with an upgraded decorative concrete patio. When the concrete is poured, we stamp the pattern into the concrete as it sets.

Next, was staining the concrete. This was accomplished by adding additional color while the concrete is in the mixer. For this project, the homeowner requested the “Quarry Red” stain. After the concrete is laid, we applied various staining and sealing treatments to ensure the color is there to stay.

Decorative Concrete – this patio slab design was accomplished by added color to the concrete mix when it was poured. We then stamped the concrete as it set with an “Ashlar Slate” design. We then applied several staining and sealing treatments to the surface with the “Quarry Red” Stain mix.

Once the concrete was dried, it was time to install the patio cover and screen walls. All of the patio covers and solar screens we use here at Serview Home Pros are built out of tough materials that last a lifetime with no maintenance. After the patio cover and screen walls were put up, this project really started to come together!

We then installed the Patio Cover, Screen Walls. The patio cover and solar screen walls are built out of tough lifetime materials. These materials will last a lifetime and require no maintenance The Outdoor kitchen is clad with beautiful limestone and then with Granite countertop. We cut and installed to appliances custom to the homeowners’ specs.

Next, we started putting together the outside kitchen. For this client, they requested beautiful limestone cladding and granite countertops. We gladly obliged, as we aim to make your dream outdoor kitchen a reality. Then, we cut the granite to make space for the appliances that the home owners requested. We also installed a water spigot so this customer can have easy access to water for cooking, cleaning, and more.

The Outdoor kitchen is clad with beautiful limestone and then with Granite countertop. We cut and installed to appliances custom to the homeowners’ specs. We install a water spicket.

Finally, we installed an upgraded electrical package for this client. That includes LED lights, ceiling fans, as well as electrical outlets. We also mounted and installed a television in the new screen enclosure for the customer. This happy homeowner is now ready to host Sunday’s watch party and family gathering with no competition!

We install an upgraded electrical package with LED lights – Ceiling Fans, Electrical Outlets, and mounted and Installed a TV for the homeowner.

We’re glad to report that the customer loved it! But don’t take our word for it, see what this customer has to say about their new patio enclosure and outdoor kitchen below:

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